Upcoming COC December Update 2022 News

 Hey Clashers! How are you doing? Hope you all are doing great. In this post, I will share with you all the possible changes that will come in our game in the upcoming December Update. As you all know every year December update comes in our game which brings a new theme and some special troops for us. This year the December update will be different and all the changes that may we see after the update will be given below.

COC December Update 2022

COC December Update 2022

Earlier this year we received a major update from Clash of Clans in which a newer level Town Hall was introduced i.e Town Hall 15. In that update, not only Town Hall but also Supercell introduced some of the new troops and new defenses. There are also some upgrade Army level and defense level we have received in the previous update. As there are many changes were happened in the previous update, In the December update, Supercell will push the balance update in our game. All the changes that may we see in our game are given below.

Balance Update in COC


We get some new defenses in the TH15 upgrade and Monolith is one of them. After the introduction of the Monolith, it becomes a major defense in the base. In the December 2022 balance update, it is expected that the damage % of monolith will be nerfed. It will be nerfed by :-

  • Monolith LV1 (-12%)
  • Monolith LV2 (-13%)

Spell Tower

Spell Tower was also introduced in the TH15 update. Poison Spell tower becomes one of the headaches of the attacker in the game. Hene Supercell finally looking to decrease the speed of the poison tower by 10 to 15%.

Poison Lizard

In this upcoming COC December update, Supercell is going to increase the target search radius by 0.5 tiles of Poison Lizard.

New Army Levels

There is a possibility that Supercell may provide some new troops level in this update. These updates will come for the troop whose level was not increased during the TH15 update. All the troops whose new levels may come with the new update are given below.
  1. Ballon
  2. Hog Rider
  3. Dragon
  4. Dragon Rider
  5. Pekka
  6. Bowlers
  7. Baby Dragon
  8. Rage Spell
  9. Earthquake Spell
  10. Haste Spell

New Spells 

Like other December updates, we will get the new spell called Santa Surprise Spell which was a well-known spell for all COC players.

New Army

There is an army that Supercell always gives us in the winter update. I think you perhaps know the troops' names. The troop's name is Ice Wizard.

These are some of the changes that we may see in the Upcoming December Update in COC.


Q1. When December Update will come in COC?

Ans - It is expected that the December update 2022 is going to release by Supercell by the 2nd week of December i.e 11 to 17th December.
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